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The Organization

The History

Frontiers International, Inc. is a national,
non-profit, non-sectarian service organization
headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Frontiers
members are called “Yokefellows”, the term
originating from the oxen bearing the burden

of hard work through the yoke it wears.

The membership consists of men and women

of character from all segments of their local communities who share a common desire to make a difference.

The Frontiers organization is divided into nine
districts across the country. Each district

elects a director, who serves as the interface between the district clubs and the Frontiers Executive Board. The annual Convention, held

in July,provides an opportunity for Yokefellows

to reunite and exchange information, while serving as the primary Frontiers business meeting.

The Mission:

Our mission is achieved through service to others and by harnessing the cooperative influence of community leaders and directing that influence towards solutions to major issues that are civic, social, and racial in nature.

Frontiers of America, the forerunner of Frontiers International, Inc., was founded in Columbus,Ohio in November 1936.


Nimrod Allen,then Executive Director of the Columbus Urban League, called together a few men interested in forming a service organization to address the complex civil and social problems of the times. Yokefellow Allen’s actions led to the incorporation of the Frontiers of America on
December 24, 1938. The formation of a separate
African-American service organization was
necessary because membership in established
similar organizations was not an option for Mr.
Allen and his associates at that time. Over
time, more clubs were formed and in 1962,
Frontiers of America became Frontiers International,Inc. when a charter was granted to a club in British Guinea, now known as the nation of Guyana.

Today, more than 70 years later, service is still
the driving force behind the organization Mr.
Allen founded. Charged with identifying and
addressing a need in their respective communities,
men and women in over 30 clubs across
the country strive to live up to the Frontiers
motto, Advancement Through Service.

Nimrod Allen

The Programs













While local Frontiers clubs have chosen to serve their communities through various programs affecting all ages, youth programs are a priority with most . Two such programs are:

• Junior Frontiers—The youth affiliate of
Frontiers International, Junior Frontiers
clubs execute various programs designed to
reinforce qualities such as critical thinking,
citizenship, personal responsibility and others.
• We The People---This program, designed to
teach the Constitution and promote civic education
among urban youth, is the result of a
teaming arrangement with Frontiers and the
Center for Civic Education.


Akron, OH
Annapolis, MD
Atlanta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Tallahassee, FL
Crystal Coast, NC
Decatur, GA
Decatur, IL
Gary, IN
Lima, OH
Mercer County, PA
Milwaukee, WI
Mohawk Valley, NY
Nashville, TN
Newark, NJ
Houston, TX
Philadelphia, PA
Plainfield, NJ
Prince George’s County, MD
Springfield, IL
Springfield, OH
Suburban Essex County, NJ



Chairman – Errol Powell

Vice-Chairman – Dietra Harvey

Secretary – Stephen McNeal 

Treasurer – Lily Rawls

Sergeant-At-Arms – Floyd Donaldson

Chaplain – Cora Alston

Coordinating Council:
President – Marilyn Yokem  

Vice-President – Khara Walker 

Recording Secretary – Danielle Brown Treasurer – Annette Kelly

Historian - Deena Joyce 

Financial Secretary – Delores Newman Chaplain – Kathy Mullins  

Parliamentarian - Shirley Moutry

Frontiers International Foundation:
Chairman – Toni Stoner 

Vice- Chairman – Corey Burton 

Treasurer – Ken Penn  

Recording Secretary – Faye Howell  Financial Secretary –                   Immediate Past Chair – Betty Mills

National Officers

The Original Logo

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